Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today was a different day ,,,,

Today , and after a long while of not reading Quran nor being able to concentrate in it ,I went down to the library's oratorio an I read a page from Surat Maryam. After only one recital I memorized the page!!! I read it again and again from my memory and I was stunned by me tone! I never read Quran with this tone. I have always kept the same tone ever since I was a kid , but today I sounded so different and so ,,, so in touch with the words.

Then I went to my Oud class. I sucked!! I was not prepared because I did not get to practice this week and my teacher got me! He was like : We are gonna send you over to the mice room (I wish he would , then I will HAVE to practice) then for the last 45 minute of class we sang songs on the Maqam we studied today.

Today we studied Maqam Ajam , and he asked us to think of songs that were composed on this Maqam. I started saying names of songs and I was right! They were Ajam , and I felt like singing so I started singing and my teacher played the Oud.

It was so amazing that I forgot about the rest of the class and I was hung over the music all alone. God it was amazing!!

I have always wanted to sing out loud , never actually did it - dont know why- but today I flied with the words,,, I was so happy!!

God am so happy .

Today a friend - Hakeem- saw me in the Deanship's Cafeteria and he said that my eyes are glowing with happiness,,,, How accurate was that!


Aseel said...

I admire your passion in your life :) so uplifting mashaAllah. inshallah tdalle haik 3ala tool ya rab :)

i'm so interested in learning how to plat oud.. but the one problem is that i don't even know if i have the talent to begin with. where do you take your classes? is it harmony?

EvaLuna said...

Hay Aseel ,

I am learning in Jordan University's deanship (3amade) our teacher is a student in JU too.

I guess the talent's part is not that important in the first phases of learning Oud. What matters is discipline and practice , and If you dont try you will never know :)

No Harmonoy , Oud is too short for Harmony , if you like harmony then maybe Guitar is the instrument for you