Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Is a Miracle

There has been a lot of talking about snow in the last few weeks but it never actually snowed until today.
I was not thrilled about it, I stopped getting thrilled about snow ever since I left school , because by then I wanted any miracle to take place in order to skip the day at school.

Today it started snowing while we were in the Oud class. The administrator of students clubs asked our teacher to stop the class and dismiss us, so he asked us: do you want me to dismiss you? and we were like: Nooooo , we want to go on.

People started leaving and there was no body left but the students of Arts club.
Our class was just amazing and some little snow was not a valid reason for us to miss on it.

When our class ended I went out to wait for my parents and I stopped by the Library waiting , gazing into the horizon and listening to Majida Eroumy singing akhraj men matafihi el jareeda.

I was simply happy. Maybe the happiest.
My teacher passed while I was waiting , he did not see me , but I saw him , his forehead and eyebrows garnished with snow and his Oud leaning in his shoulder like a new born baby. He is such a delight.

My parents came later , we had some trouble with the car , but we made it home and ther eI stayed with my Oud being the happiest person in the world.

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