Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life After Megaupolad

It has been almost 10 days since Megavideo was shut down and ever since I have not seen not one episode of anything! Not in English nor in Spanish.

I came back from Spain 7 months ago , and ever since I have not watched an actual TV holding the remote in my hand. Its just impossible in my house and all the other houses of my family because people are watching the news all the time. I know its so shallow and self abosrbed to worry about my TV shows while people are being killed everywhere, but this is almost my only time alone and it has been taken away.

I miss Megaupload and the infinite streaming ,,, If I know I would lose it I would have never complained the 72 minutes restriction.

Efffffft ,,, I dont know what else to say really! Why the freaking LAW now?!! We have used those copyrights for so long that they belong to no one anymore God Damn it!

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