Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Class of Oud :D

Today I had my First Oud Class.

The thought that this is my Third first class got on to me for a while but as I walked to class I felt that huge huge feeling that music gives me.

It is not something that I can actually explain with words , but as our teacher made us repeat a very simple silly-appearing exercise I felt that this is the secret of discipline. A thing that I never actually lived nor experienced , maybe a thing that I intentionally skipped in order to be free. But as I repeated the exercise started feeling the cords as they move strongly under the pick and they sound differently. It just huge ,,, It makes me happy and makes me feel eternal.

Our teacher played for a little while, maybe a minute, and I could not look at him ,,, My neck just went to the other side and I disconnected for a second. The sound of Oud live is a drug , it suffocates me!

I really went home suffocated with all the things I never actually cried ...The sound of music is so deep and thick , it pressures something in me and therefore it makes me a better person.

I am happy.

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