Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Novel Test: Finally!! The divine Justice!!!

If you know any teenager , between the age of 12 and 16 get them Paulo Coelho's ''Alchemist'' as a gift and make sure they read it. After a number of years -that may vary from a teenager to the other- they will thank you for giving them the chance to see a true and thorough meaning in all things that have happened to them in life.
Alchemist in not a novel ,,, Its a Perspective.

Toto San ♥

Now I dont care what my mark will be , but i feel great , I feel relieved that after all those years of being academically harassed by signatures that I dont know what they want from me , neither what I want from them , this class has shown me that justice is possible in this world. That a nerd like me who has spent the best years of her childhood reading , can go to an exam feeling like a Boss!! This is my thing , this is what I excel at , and am so proud of what I have read for this test and the way my reading was tested ,,,, Ohhhh I am happy :)))

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