Thursday, January 26, 2012

iTeach: A course in the University

Today I finished teaching the second course in my life. I have not talked about it earlier because it was a very short course , 5 classes of 3 hours each.

It was an important experience . My students enjoyed it way much than I did , but I could not help but be pressured with many factors. First of all that my students this time were my actual colleagues , which made it hard for me to be as strict as I tend to be usually (when it comes to things like arriving on time, taking notes of the piles of things that I am writing on the board and letting me decide what are we gonna discuss , when and how). It is not that I wanted to be a class dictator, but it bugged me that some of them could not tell the difference between Takwa the friend and colleague , and Takwa the teacher.

Another thing that pressured me was that I was -for the very first time- teaching in an actual room in the University of Jordan!! This is my plan for the future , to be a doctor who teaches Spanish in JU , so finding myself in the room TEACHING got into me the first few hours.

Besides that , it was a great course , I got to teach a lot of useful stuff and elaborate in many many aspects. Still I feel like I have a long long way to go until I can be half the teacher I wanna be.

Enshalla God will give me help and guidance to achieve that.


Rain said...

3n jd this is ur plan?

EvaLuna said...

Yes , I wanna be an educator :)