Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That girl of 2009 is back! So Back!!

Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God ....
It has came back to me!! that great huge , urge , need , longing and willing to go back to Spain , it has came back to me.
When I came back the last time I was tired , maybe devastated and I thought I will need loads of time to be able to be on my own again in a big big country again. But its back! The feeling that I wanna leave on the first plane without looking back ,,, and just go there , learn More Spanish , Loads of language and knowledge , go to new cities , and fight with atheists over religion.

I can do it , I wanna do it , I wanna go back.

That girl whom I was on 2009 , who did not look back , did not miss a face and did not waste a moment in Spain , she is back! She is me ,,,, God I wanna graduate and do whatever it takes to leave again ,,, Am thinking Toledo? Barcelona? Maybe Malaga ,,, who knows ,,,, Godddddd i am back

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