Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Week

I have been away from my blog those last days ,,,
Actually I have not been doing much. Not properly reading any of my three books -a Spanish Novel, an English Novel, an Arabic book- not writing much in my paper diary ,not making any videos and not studying of course.

I dont know ,,, Maybe I am tired , I had a stupid back injury this weekend and it hurts to move a muscle. But mainly I am in the ''Frozen Mode''. A mode where I limit my activities to the indispensable only, where I literally dont waste a calorie if I dont have to.

The frozen mode helps me concentrate and it helps me to avoid distractions.

This has bee the longest week I have ever lived. I have never imagined that 5 days need all this time to just go away ,,,, I am ,,, Maybe ''sad'' is the word ,,, ''disappointed'' is more accurate but mainly am sad because this week is eternal.

Ps: In a year or two I will read this and not remember what the hell was I talking about. It feels great already.


Rain said...

I feel like I should say sorry..I shouldn't have let you go through that..

EvaLuna said...

I love my protective Best Friend :)