Friday, November 11, 2011

Hanan has left the building :(

Today Hanan -my neighbour ever since I was a child- dropped by our house. She wanted to say good bye as she was moving to a new house.

I loved her gesture a lot , and although we have not been much in touch ever since we stopped playing in the neighbourhood, we have always stopped for nice and warm chit chats when we met in the grocery store and on the bus stop.

Hanan was my very first Christian friend , and through her I first learned about religions and about people belonging to other things besides those things to which I belong.

It was a great ride throughout all of those years ,,, Things that I will always remember and cherish ,,, things that all came to my mind as she drove away to her far new house , she: one of the few friends from my mean childhood.

God bless you ,,, Deeply really and entirely bless you.

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