Sunday, November 6, 2011

I found my way ,,,This is the time of my life

I was chatting with a friend who is still living ''The European Dream". The Dream that I lived for the last two years , that I loved , enjoyed and might have also fulfilled.

She reminded me with those golden days , when loneliness was the price we paid in order to live the dream ,,, to learn the language ,, to mingle with the culture and to know the persons whom we are to the deepest extent we can actually reach.

We knew cities and streets , we travelled unknown ways , we talked to strangers , we asked for lighters from passer bys , and we took our lexical and cultural consults from waiters.

I sometimes think that I am standing on the edge now ,,, Of giving up the return to the european dream and just embracing another dream ,,, another dream that contains a lot of adrenaline and emotional gambling ,,,, I think I found my way ,,, I think am not afraid any more to go forward and not look back again

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