Saturday, November 19, 2011

I never Wanna Leave my Bed

Look at this picture. I posted it a year ago with this caption: Takwa Masadeh >>> The Happiest Woman Alive.

I am a happy happy person. I can generate happiness inside me. Little things can make me really happy , and big miseries sometimes cant manage to attract my attention. I am gifted when it comes to making happiness.

A girl once stopped me in a corridor in the university and she said to me: You dont know me , but I feel that you glow with energy, I love to pass you by, it makes me happy.

I am THAT jovial.

But today I dont want to leave my bed. I wish that a miracle would have the decency to happen so I will not have to leave my room and go to the real world and talk to the real people.

I just wanna concentrate in my grief. I wanna grief ,,, its my right , I dont want anyone telling me that I should not cry or I should get over things. No No No I dont want to hear anyone say anything about me ,,, no one knows the storm thats happening inside of me, so please dont direct words to me ,,, I am out of the ''linguistic'' reach.

I never wanna leave bed.

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