Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shakira Does not Fear the Stage

This song's title is: Before 6 o'clock ,,,,

It talks about a lover who uses all the knowledge he obtained about his love against her when their love is over. On the other hand Shakira -the girl in the story- loves him more, and leaves thinking about the solution for later and just tells him that ever since he is gone that nights are falling earlier even before 6 o'clock.

What I loved more than the song was Shakira's body language and facial expressions on the stage. She acts as if nobody is watching ,,, she wrinkles her face, she waves her arms , she looks at an invisible point in the horizon and sings from the deepest point in her soul ,,, It does not matter that she might look dumb , it does not matter as long as the song says it all through her body ,,, this makes her the great dancer she is.

One more thing: When I saw how she danced with a ''rock effect'' while wearing this big dress I thought ''Well maybe the rock effect only works on jeans not on feminine clothing''. But when she moved the microphone stand and danced so ,,, so ",,,," what? so freely as a woman alone in a jungle , and i was like: who is anybody to decide what goes fine with what dress? It just nice as it is ,,, she does not fear the stage and she gives a deep feeling ,,, ~sigh~

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