Thursday, September 9, 2010

A House not yet a Home :)

I went yesterday after posting my last post to the other house , and as I got there I was surprised with how clesn the house is!! It is not ''Spanish clean'' , but its ''Jordanian clean'' no offense but we do have different concepts of what is a clean and tidy house ...

The house looks like a house of a family , not like the other pigstys that they offer for students , when I got into my room it was so god damn clean!!! I could not care less about the window that overlooks the lavadero (at least the lavadero has a window) . Mari Angeles the landlord, showed me around the house with her amazing style of talking , laughing and making jokes.

Her husband was there too , his name is Paco , such a delight!!! he was fixing things around the house and when I told him about the water hose I wabt to install in the bathroom he immedeately got the idea becuase he said he saw it in a hotel somewhere !! (Really! where? they stopped installing them in the 5 stars hotels of Jordan ,, oh yeah , tell me how sore your butt is gonna be without this magical invention and then we can talk about all the stars!).

I saw only two of the 4 roommates , MArta an dTeresa , the other two where not home . The balcony is just great with a lot of air , really high in the sky and it overlooks a very neat and clean street -camino de ronda- , so to be honest: I did not feel a magical vibe. You know? I t was fine , I loved the place , the peopl , the idea of having not only 1 or 2 or 3 roommates but 4 and the four of them are from Andalucia!!! its what I craved since the beginning , and I liked how clean and perfect everything is ,,,

SO I told Mary Angeles if I should pay insurance and she said yes ,,, I was like mmmm , I told her I should make a phone call and then I will call you and tell you if I am taking the house or not ,,,she was ok with it and I left.
On the sidewalk I called my friend Meryam and asked her if she can lend me the money and she said yes right away , so I called MAria again and told her that everyting is set. She said that I can come to the house today at 7, so I would pay her the money and she would take a copy of my passport and she will hand me the contract on Monday enshalla.
I got a little worried over the night ,,, Its commitmnet I guess , and who ever said that commitments are easy to commit with heheheheh , I prayed durong the night asking God to guide me to whats best for me and Enshalla everything is gonna be great.
Camino De Ronda : WATCH OUT HERE I COME :)

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