Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I think I found my house

Today I was serious about getting over with the housing issue , so I got to the street on the morning and I collected phone numbers from ads and I started calling and visiting right away.

I think I walked almost 5 kilometers going around the entire city from an apartment to another , the first one was good except for my room and I received a negative vibe from the girl who was showing me around, the rent is expensive: 200 euros , no internet and no central heating>>> out

The second house , was situated in an amazing place where I have always wanted to live ''Gran Capitan'' but the girls living in the house were two Moroccan girls and a German girl , the girl told me that before she opened the door and I felt like: Ok I wanna turn my back and leave now ,,, I want to speak Spanish as much as possible , so No, and when I got in the NO got bigger because the house was disgustingly tiny and my room is exactly a match box with a tiny mat and a huge bed - or maybe the bed is fine but the room makes it look big- and add to that , that the bathroom has no ass washing devices which is ultimately disgusting >>> No

I went out and sat in a park and collected more numbers and called , I had an amazing call with a woman who owns a ahouse that has 5 rooms , 4 o fthem have girls from Andalucia: Cadiz Cordoba and Malaga , which is amazingly great for my language , she said that the house is good but my room is interior - its windows overlook the inside of the building- so I was like: mmmm but we have a date tonight at eight to see how this works out for me .... I was so thrilled over this house with the big number of people in it but in spite of that I collected more numbers and called just to have fun and enjoy the process ... three houses had guys in them , two houses were already rented and two did not pick up. Then I called a house which was far "Plaza de Torros" and they said I can come over and see the house.

I thought a couple of times in my way to the house that I am too tired to keep on walking so I am just gonna forget about this house , but I was shy to turn people down keeping in mind that they waited for me for 45 minutes.

I got there and the sister of one of the residents picked me up from the street ,,, she has an amazing warm welcoming face that made me feel comfortable right away. I got to the house - which has the cheapest rent of all 137,5 euros- it is almost ''little'' but very airy with a big balcony half of it faces the salon and the other half faces my own room!!!! I was through the roof when I saw that my room has a balcony of its own, and when I got inside the room I liked the bed and the TWO tables!!

The bathroom has two seats , one of them is for cleaning the devices !!! Just like the ones we have in Jordan!!! I did not see the other two girls but they told me they are from Cordoba and Toledo and they talk a lot - which I need - ... I left feeling so happy , under the house there is a lot of bars and a lot of people moving but no cars noise ,, there is a grocery store a Chinese shop a crossan shop and there is a ''Dia'' in the back ,,,,

I am going in few hours to see the other house with the 5 rooms - 170 euros monthly - and I am a little bit reluctant but I think I will just need to see my room that overlooks NOthing and then I might be able to decide once and for ever heheheheh

I have a good feeling :)

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