Monday, September 6, 2010

Men: All Generlizations are wrong ,, oh yeah

Well I was looking for some other picture but I found that this one is just fine.
Men are insecure and thats the end of it. I hate generalising , its a very unacademic kind of attitude but this is how I saw it throughout an incident that happened to me recently.
Men like to think that women ar enot reliable , weak , reluctnat and unable to take lif decisions.
And I think that this is right in a way - but of course not the way men see it- . I have seen a lot of my dear arab sisters who are pampered ,, really pampered , they dont wory about a thing and there is always somebody to take care of things. This is good for a specefic extent and then it becomes a tomb where a womans abilities are being burried , and when they end up in a situation like mine : many miles away from home and without anyone they know among reach they frek out.
So what? is not that just natural? A human being who has never done his\her work is now asked to do everything on his\her own, so what if he\she screw up a little? get things mixed out or lose control?
ITs just disgusting how some men forget the phase of ''not knowing'' ... they forget that at some point they knew nothing and they wre just like the pesron they are mimicking now!!!
I am mad ,,,, a man talked on the back of girls whom I dont know , but I feel so sorrey for the way this dumb ass sees them , feeling all mighty and knowingly above them . Shame on you ,,, oh really shame on you

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