Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The german guy of the Locutorio

So today I was sitting in the locutorio trying to chat with my parents but all computers were stupid and did not work , and I had to change my pc many times until I sat next to a guy , who has a long blonde beard and a face full of peace. He was wearing Sunna short dishdashe and he was watching youtube videos of a Shiekh who looks like the sheikh in the picture.

He was watching with so much care , and he was enthusiastic ,,, I could not help but ask him stuff , he answered me without looking at me : He is german , he converted to Islam 7 years ago and he doeas not have a ''converting breathtaking story'' , he said: I converted to Islam because Islam is natural.

He was a bit mean , you know , not making any type of eye contact and hardly giving full answers to my questions and not asking anything back , but he was a delight , seeing him that enthusiastic after seven years gave me hope and refreshed my heart .

Hope I would see him around again ,,,,

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