Monday, September 13, 2010

Never been that troubled before

My friend changed an option in my laptop connection and now it does not connect on any wireless network unless the damn thing is attached with a cable to the router!!
That was two days ago , now it does not even connect with the cable plugged
I moved to my house and my house does not have internet
it would not connect in konya
and when I went to an iternet shop to skype with my family all the microphones did not work!!
An entire hour that costed me a Euro - I only have 30 euros till the end of this fucking month- i could not make them hear my voice , i can hear them but i cant reply ,, , I am frustrated , I feel totally disconnected from everyhting .,...
Whats Gods plan? I really wanna know , because I dont like the whole thing of Spain this time , and I almost hate this house , its just bringing me bad luck !!!!

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