Sunday, September 5, 2010

ِAbu Lela

I usually dont post on the walls of facebook groups. I just read what others say and thats just it. But as I am lately watching ''Abu Janti'' series and I really like the character of Abu Lela , so I found this group for him and I posted on its wall a phrase that really made me laugh.

اشتري خبز و وزع على روسا

A minute later I got a notification that the group administrator commented on my phrase , for a stupid reason I got a little bit nervous heheheh , he just posted a looool ....

This reminds me of an old history I had with internet and especially discussion forums where comments really used to irritate me and make me self conscious about my own opinions. When I look back at that era from my life - that lasted for 5 years- I realize that I would not have been the same if it was not for it , but still it reminds me of all the cruelties people are able to do to strangers ,,, why were they so mad at life and so determined to pull all their mental sicknesses on the weak - me- ?

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