Sunday, February 5, 2012

Without My Oud

Today was my first day of classes and as our Oud course ended on Thursday , today was my first day to go out with my Oud since 21 days.

It actually felt weird without it!! People used to stare a lot when I held with me , but I reached the point where I could totally forget about the entire population staring at me and just feel the happiness of having him on my side or on my shoulder.

Today I walked without him and I missed him a lot. I kept touching my hard finger tip , the finger tip where I lost all feeling because of practising and pressing on the strings. I kept telling myself that if I dont practice enough then my finger tip would go soft again.

When I got home , the first thing I did was going to my room and hugging him. Then I took of his leather bag and I practised and practised. I played a song for Haleem and it felt awesome.

I know how freaky this sounds , but I love him I love him I wanna scream

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