Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blood Doanting: It's free :)

Today I was in University's Hospital in the dentistry section. A coincidence led to the other and I ended up with a couple of friends in the Blood Bank.
It turned out that a friend's brother has cancer and he needs blood donation. Both of my friends tried to donate but one of them had weak blood , and they could not locate the veins of the other so I was the only one left to donate.

Needles do scare me, but at the moment I went boldly inside -I could not leave at that point- and Subhan Allah , it went smoothly and did not even hurt. I did not even get dizzy or pale and my blood level was 15.1!!!

When I went home I felt good. Very good. A cancer patient has my blood going through his veins , bringing him chances to get better. How great is that?

I plan o doing it often Enshalla :) Its Charity, and it costs me nothing.

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Um Ommar said...

الله يجزاكي الخير يارب
ويشفيلك هالمريض
وكل مريض بالسرطان

بس خدي ب بالك إنه التبرع بالدم بتم كل ست شهور مره واحدة,هاي علمياً,وكل ما رح تتبرعي رح بيسألوكي عن اخر تاريخ تبرعتي فيه

للأسف طبعاً