Friday, February 10, 2012

The things that go out of fashion

Dr Ibraheem Al Fakeeh was a trend for a while. People talked about him a lot , they bought his books and watched his video and turned him into an actual headache. Then as usual -and as people tend to be mostly- they forgot him and they moved towards other trends.

He is a man of knowledge, he is no fashion style nor make up trade mark . Knowledge does not go out of style , but the world today has turned into a consuming contest and this man was consumed.

Today he died. A very painful and sad death. Sadly his death reminded me of him after all this time,,, I searched his videos and this short video filled me with hope and the usual guilt of not working hard enough. It also made me feel Ok about his death. At least he has lived, he has changed lives and thats what really matters.

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