Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who am I anyway?

Look at her, Isnt she lovely?
Her name is Ola Muath. She lost her battle with cancer yesterday. I did not know her but I read her blog:

I was reading through her blog today as I was down with the flu. I felt ashamed of feeling sick. What do I know about sickness? What do I know about anything. It takes only brave people to go through all of this , and still smile.

May you rest in peace Ola.


Um Ommar said...

الله يرحمها ويحسن إليها يارب

والله ياااااااااااااارب يشفي كل مرضى السرطان ويرحهمهم ويخفف عذابهم يارب

Rahmeh said...

She's really beautiful... May she rest in piece. Allah Yerhamha