Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve: About glasses and plastic wigs

Happy New Year Dear Blog

I never really thought about new years , its stresses me out ,,, you know: A fixed point where something ends -could never return- and another thing which is totally new comes along - one more NEW thing that you have to get used to- so this year was an exception , my friends were going out and I was like: Ok , lets see whats new years eves are all about.

So we went out , Lubna and Rasha wearing plastic wigs and all of us wearing 2011 glasses. We celebrated in the municipality plaza with everybody - Granada is so tiny , I feel like I know everybody- we stood in a line to get our ''uvas'' -twelve grapes that Spanish people eat in the last 12 seconds of the year to grant good luck in the new year- and we got masks , hats ans whistles.

The fireworks were BREATH TAKING. I smiled like a child , my smile reached the depth of my heart and lighted it ,,, I felt it till the morrow of my bones ,, I felt all my love to Granada pouring into all my cells ,, tha data show was about Granadas accomplishments as a city and as a loved place with the song "Granada tierra sonada por mi'' filling my eras ,,, the Knight on his horse on the top of the municipality building looked like he was running among the lights and the fumes of the fireworks ... Granada glowed , my heart glowed and I felt its gonna be a very happy new year.

Happy 2011

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