Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sinatra Movie:A movie that take your fantasy away

Tonight I watched a moive called ''Sinatra'' that tells the life story of Frank Sinatra. I got so hooked that I could not leave it until I know what happens at the end.

Until then I have had never wondered what was his life like, I just loved his voice, his songs , his charm ,,,, I felt like he is Abdel Halim Hafiz of the west , you know: The Love Prince who takes part in every girls dream , but the movie showed what a womanizer he was , his numerous marriages , the way he lesft his wife and kids to chase his love and leave her after all jujst because an ambitious woman., the way he drank , the way he treated his family , the way he hit journalists and insulted the others.

This movie took away a bit of the charm that I think I might get back.

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