Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rami el E3tisami and Egypt TODAY

I dont know If it was a coincidence or scheduled but a few days ago I watched a movie called ''Rami el E3tisami'' >>> Rami the Protester.

It tells the story of a spoiled rich Egyptian young man who starts a group on facebook asking to change the national anthem of Egypt. A Tv show hosts him asking him for the reason and e says its just because he could not ply it well on his guitar , later on the show the Interior affairs minister calls angry and he asks Rami to go home and shut up because he is just a spoiled young stupid guy, in that exact moment Rami comes up with the idea of a strike infront of Interior Affairs Ministry until his demands are achieved.

The things goes out of hand and the ''buzz-of-moment'' strike gets politicized and it gets taken out of its context by many parties.

It talks about how noble causes can be used by cheap people , pointless people and people with agendas ,,,

They ended it with a usual cliche about change and Bla Bla Bla , and that the head of the system cant make everything happen - oh screw you!- ... Whatever ,,, the people in the streets of Egypt today are taking Change on their own hands and they are changing the face of history ,, May God be on their help ... YAaaaaa Rabbbb

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