Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Messi: Barcelona'a Golden Boy!!

For the second year on a row , my Hero Lionel Messi gets el Balon D'oro award. I am too happy , I feel that the good guys are finally winning.
The ceremony was weird , Guardiola held the card with the winners name backwards , and he did not look like he liked the result although Messi is a player in his team ... and the microphone through which Messi talked to the audience was so short that he had to lean on the table!!

He is so innocent , pure and simple,,, he stuck his tongue out two times because he was amazed and he did not know what to say ,,, he is the player that we all love , because he does not act like a celebrity , he just acts like a 22 year old gifted guy who just LOVES football and does it for himself and for all the people whose eyes twinkle as they see him play.

God bless you Messi ,,, God bless Barcelona

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