Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bulbol 7airan: mmmm movie

After watching and stopping throughout the last three days , I got to finish Ahmad Helmis latest movie: Bulbol 7airan.

I dont really know what I wanna say about the movie. Watching Ahad Helmis movie every year is such a delight ,, you know, seeing his kind face and listening to his simple jokes and the normal daily person he is , all of these things makes me wait year after year to see his movie.

This time, the movie was good. Not great , but only good ,,,, it rells a simple story about a guy who cant decide which girl he likes better , the one who is independent and strong or the girl who clings to him and makes him feel needed.

And in spite of the movie being a bit less that expected I liked the idea, and it got me thinking about love. Maybe love is not a dreamy gay measure, maybe its what really makes difference... is it?

Sometimes I think about it and I know that there are a list of things that if they existed in the guy whom I feeling for, I would just walk away from him. (things like: 1being short 2being foreigner 3having a weak or no relationship with God ... mmm I cant think about things , but when i see them I can totally see them) I think that love is not everything , and as Bulbol said in the movie: What if you love someone but you dont like his characteristics?

After my last ''flatmate experience'' I discovered that there are tiny little details in people that makes you like sharing your life with them although you dont like them, and also there are the tiny little things that takes your powers of standing someone no matter how much love you have for him/her.

Love is good ... but it is not everything ,,,

I just hope that I am gonna be lucky , that I will find love with adequate characteristics... Enshalla :)

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