Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best thing I ever paid money on

Buying the E-book was a very great step. I saw it in the show window in Carrefour almost three times before i finally said: What the hell I am buying it.

I was afraid that it would be one addition to my ''Technological Trash'' Collection ... you know the bunch of electronic stuff you buy and then you stop using after a couple of weeks?
So I took it home and kept the receipt in case I wanted to return it , but each time I took a round in the book that was already downloaded on it I was so amazed and weirdly happy!!

I downloaded on it all the books that I downloaded throughout the years from 4shared but never really read anything from them , and when I found myself reading on the bus I was like: "Praise the Lord!!'' ..I am finally reading any book that comes to my mind , paying nothing more that what I paid on the e-book.

I just stand in front of book shops show window and copy the names of the books ang do home and actually read them. It is light but bares a load of books that weighs hundreds of kilos - this is how a person thinks after travelling a couple of times with a bag loaded with pales of books-.

Now I feel that I lost my only shopping addition: Shopping for books , but is not it easier anyway?

I feel a bit sorry for the paper books and I love them and I will always be loyal to them , but this one is cheaper and times DO change. :(

Check this out:


Rain said...

howe sra7a it's tempting that you have all these books in one little thing!
bs I don't know if I'll ever give up the usual books
How much did you pay for it?

EvaLuna said...

Well you might not believe it , but it´s cute as well , and the way t lights in the dark .. i always have it in my hands when I am on the buses and I think this is the thing thats gonna bring me back to the ''habbit of reading'' ... I paid 127 euros , beddek zayyo? o6loby men 3yooni :p

Rain said...

7bait ino it lights in the dark remember when you used to say you wish the words would light so you could read in the dark?:D
yeah maybe I'll get one soon enshallah,bs right now mrakzeh 3al laptop :DDD