Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Gadget: Books Killing Me Softly

So Here is a gift From August , My month , a new Gadget where I keep a list of the books that am done reading.

I believe the books that I am reading are making things harder for me, each time you expand your horizon things get a little bit loose and you loose the grip. Yet when you know the freedom that reading gives you , you know for a fact that you cant have enough and you cant stop. You want to know more, although knowing hurts and burdens you with responsibility.

The First two books are the books that I read in June and July. Not as much books as I should have read in two months of pure unemployment , but they are good for now.

Both of them have really touched me. Azazeel though had a pretty amazing poetic language that captured me from the first till the last. Both books explore almost the same area in the mind of the believer. What If what I believe in is simply not right? What if the others are right?

They are totally worth the time and the effort. Two great books :)

 مسرحية حياة غاليليو - برتولد بريخت 

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