Monday, August 13, 2012

Me in the Mosque after all that time

After I came back from Taraweeh today I realized that it was the first time I ever go to mosque ever since I came back from Spain!

There, I went every Friday and various times through the week, sometimes because I was feeling alone, and sometimes because I thought the mosque is being alone ,,, I used to love that place, It was so safe and happy ,, detached from the emptiness and vanity of the world.

Here in Jordan I never had the tradition of going to the mosque and I think this is something that I should change. It is so nice! Praying with an Imam makes one realize how fast we usually pray! Really, the way he read Al-Fatiha made me feel like I hear it for the first time in my life! He is an Iraqi blind young man -Dad told me so- and his voice is not only peaceful , but it is full of music, he changes scales based on the meaning of the verse he is reading! Just Perfect.

Since the beginning of Ramadan I wanted to go to Taraweeh but remembering the sight of children jumping all over the women's oratorio freaked me out, but alhamdulillah very few children were present today , maybe because Ramadan is almost over?

listen to this video , Shaikh Mohammad Rashad Sharif ,,, the best person who recites Quran -in my humble opinion- :

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