Friday, August 24, 2012

I wonder why I hate Everybody

I am thinking of making a template out of this entry, so I would just post it over and over again each time I feel the thing that I am feeling now. You know, the feeling of despair and losing faith in humanity after taking a look at Facebook entries ... you just cant believe what people are conversing about , crazy photographers taking pictures of crap and thinking they invented Photography , lousy translators who have no clue about what they are doing and they cant see - no matter how hard they look- that there is a relation between language and culture. Men and aomen describing their shallow love stories with lines taken from poems that they dont even understand ,,, and everyone's constant need to prove to the world that they are living the perfectest life ever.

I feel like crap, why be ashamed with that? Why post a dozen of pictures pausing like a Ho and writing a caption about how much I dont care about the world ,,, well you know something? You not caring is something that we dont care about, and you just cant say that you dont care about me not caring, simply because you posted it and you get an adrenaline rush with every notification.

Facebook , is a parade of weirods ,,, I wish I can flee that 

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