Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too harsh or too bad?

Today I was reading that Amer Shafee the goalkeeper of Jordan's national Football team has received an ethical penalty for disagreeing with a referee therefor he will not be playing for the next for months , he wont be able to play with Jordan's official team nor with his club Nadi Al-Wihdat.
The worst part of it all that in this particular time of his career he has been receiving a lot of offers from clubs all over the world, and now with this ban -that was confirmed by the Asian Football Union- he would not be able to play with the club that would bother to buy him!!

He is 28 years old for God's sake!! Thats like 100 years old in football , and such a ban is putting his entire career at stake.

Shafee had always had a reputation of being a snapper and guy with anger management issues , but this is too harsh and a great loss of a great goal keeper.

I heard Jordanian young people are signing a petition to Prince Ali bin Al Hussein in order to soften the ban a bit , hence that the incident in which the ban is based was too usual.

I dont know ,, I have always loves Shafee , Always wanted to see him playing in a great great international team and come back with techniques and wits for our national team , Enshalla prince Ali would do something about it ...enshalla

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