Sunday, February 20, 2011

I found a house ,,, I guess

So ,,,
after looking in the same website for free rooms throughout the last month , I decided today to find another one , and as soon as I looked I found an ad written by three spanish girls who are looking for a NORMAL girl to share with them their piso ,,,,
I smiled for the ad and called - I must have made a hundred of these calls in the last few days- and the girl on the other end seemed so laid back and cheerful , she asked me when I can come and I told her anytime before 10 oclock because Barcelona plays at 10 and she laughed and said that they are Barca fans too :))))))

I went to the airport, picked up the jordanian girls , took them home , went to the bar to see the game and afterwards I went to see the piso ,,,, as I looked I felt the I AM STAYING HERE and my heart went cold for a moment ,,, I meant to live in a more centric piso , this one is better than the one I used to be in but still needs walking from the city center.

The piso is fine , it is not amazing nor bad , its good ,,, it has a long terrace that goes around the entire house which means A LOT OF AIR ,, the room was great ,,, its wide and it has a lot of shelves for all of my stuff ,,, they have a lot of pictures on the walls of them in different places and they looked so happy and so dear to each other ,,,, I felt that there is love in the air ,, they are not only roommates , they are really good friends and I was happy to get this vibe.

As I walked out I felt something in the neighborhood ,,, I think I belong ,,, but anyway: Lets wait and see what happens next.

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