Friday, February 4, 2011

Alhambra at night ... Something Big... Something Magical

Tonight, Lubna Rasha and the Spanish Laura we were sitting in Konya eating Shawerma when I said: Wanna go to Alhambra? It was already 10,30 and they agreed.

We took the bus and entered from the back gate -Gate of King Carlos the Fifth- .... we passed through ''Puerta del Vino'' -Whine Gate- and sat on a wall that separates the Alcazaba -the military fortress- from Los Palacios Nazries -The daily use palaces- .

We sat there , sang , danced , squealed -even pulled the attention of the night guard- and we talked.

Laura is an amazing spanish friend we have who learns arabic , and so we started listening to arabic music and we picked ''Kon Sadiki'' by Majida Eroumy and started singing like a team, meanwhile I translated the words of the poem to Laura ,,, She was like ''Oh my God this song is amazing ,, it has deeply touched my heart'' and we were like: ''Yeah we have said that about this particular song million times before''.

The silence of alhambra tonight ,,, and the souls of those who were in it and who are still in it -based on my own deep feeling- are the biggest factors that I am whom I am today and this is the reminder for what I want to do when my path goes all foggy.

I love you Alhambra ... I miss your good old days.

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