Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today it was magical

Today I was wandering around the city , for some reason I felt like I wanna go somewhere but I dont feel good anywhere ,,,, I started taking random buses ,,, I landed in bus 33 -as always!1- I skipped stops and thought to myself: I will get down in the last stop.

The last stop was outside Granada!! It was in small town next to Granada caled Canes de laVega ... he picture up there is a gate placed in the middle of no where ,,, it overlooks a meadow where there was a horse and a farmer who looked at me for a moment and then went back to his work.

I sat there contemplating , thanking God for all that beauty and sensing it with all my senses ...
I walked around the town , I drank cafe in a bar that has a sweet waitress .. I read the newspaper then went out to walk ..

On my way I found a pubic library , I entered , I looked around then I signed up for a library card and sat there watching that special kind of earthy heaven ,,,, an old Grandian Villa that was transformed into a very neat library with all the books I wish to have and read ,,, I sat surrunded with dictionaries and I read ... I felt that nerdy type of happiness where the world outside seems to stop ,,,,

I don know ,,, this is a usual post about an unusual moment ,,, it was perfect and life was good.

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