Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Madam Buvary: One more Book

Recently I finished reading ''Madam Buvary" by Gustav Flaubert. Its the first 400 pages book that I read on my E-book and I really think that this is working out.

I loved the novel although it takes unexpected turns each time I think I figured it all out. In spite of that ,its one of those works of art that talk about infidelity therefor I feel ethically obligated to hate the protagonist. But the truth is I did not hate Madam Buvary, nor her simple poor husband, but I pitied her ,,, She always longed for things she thought that she is made for , but the truth was that she is not made for them. She did not accept her reality , ad tried to change it with the most depending method, she always thought that what she needs would be provided by men and she swung from the hands of one man to the other. She did not work on herself , she did not see what she lacked and she though she was entitled to judge the world , starting from her husband to all the people of her town.

At the end , it was clear that she was the worst between all and that everyone had a way out from that tiny town , except for her , she ruined herself and her family just because she was inadequate for the luxury of ambition.

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