Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leo: The Death of a Pet or a Friend?

Two days ago I was talking to my Mom about Leo. Leo is Andres'es dog. The only dog in my life, I literally stated to Mom -in that unthought conversation- that I missed him and that am planning to see him , especailly him when I go to Spain.

Today I read a post written by Ana , and she was saying good bye to Leo! Leo simply died! He was old already but as we always do , we think that the souls that we love are never gonna leave us.

The news left me a little bit shaky, I wanted to see him at least once more and feel his fur and his warmth. The pounding of his heart inside a chest that does not belong to a human being was a whole new experience for me, he taught me something ... I did not love dogs, I did not see a human perspective in pets ,,, they were animals but I did not know that they can be friends and in the few times that I dealt with him he was generous to me, he was nice and he came closer to me not caring about my negative vibe and he won my heart.

It turned out that the dogs thing is not only for spoiled superficial people, dogs DO change you ..

I will miss you Leo ...

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