Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The End of A Brave Phone and JU ID Card

Two Mondays ago I innocently went to JU Library's bathroom (who does not go "innocently" to the bathroom anyway?!) I had -sorry for the non-delicate language- a very pressing need to run to the bathroom, and as I was getting ready to leave I heard something fall and when I looked I saw my lovely Samsung Note 2 half drowning in the whole of the eastern toilet!!

You know that moment when you say: That can't be happening to me!! Those are the things that usually happen to "others"! My phone was covered in shit!!

I picked it up, without thinking about the huge disgust of going through shit, I wanted to save it.

It started turning on and off and it went mad. I turned it off, cleaned it with a paper towel and turned it on again, but No nothing. So I turned it off and decided to leave it for an hour or two maybe if it got dry that it might work again.

But nothing. I took it to the first shop I found (like rushing with a bleeding person into the first hospital you find). I went for it the next day and the guy said that he changed the mother board, but the screen was burned up and that I had to get it changed.

I gave it to my brother, and now we are in the process of finding a some how cheap screen, because when we asked around we found none cheaper than 140 Jd's!

What can I say about such an experience? I lost a good amount of money, I am going to lose even more, my phone now can't be sold for it has been opened and fumbled into, everybody says that it won't get back to normal, and now I had to go back to my old Motorla, I have no internet access, no reading applications, no radio channels and most importantly NO DICTIONARIES!

And to seal the deal, a couple of hours after I rushed my phone into the shop I discovered that my Jordan University's ID, the one that has helped me through the electronic gates for more than 7 years, 2 of them after I actually graduated has slipped into the bath hole and is lost for ever :(

I never thought I will lose it, it meant so much to me and I always kept it in good places because I always knew that if it gets lost it can't be replaced.

And whenever anyone asks "what happened to your phone" they always follow it with: What were you doing with your phone in the bathroom anyway.

On a side note: After being faceboo-less, now I am What'sApp - less and I feel socially concealed, and I got that going for me :)

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