Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cast Away: Unacceptable!

Call me a teenager who has no sense of reality, but I find the end of "Cast Away" movie unacceptable.
Although the film was released 14 years ago, but I have never seen it before tonight. I had a general idea of how things are going to go in the movie, but I wonder how none of my friends who has seen it before me, never came to mention what happens between Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt.

Is it just me, or is it actually THAT important?
I loved how the movie went during the time he was stranded on the island, I believe that much could have been added to the scenario to give it more life and depth, I felt that a huge potential was wasted, because Tom Hanks did and incredible job and could have done an even better performance if there had been more details into it.

But all in all I liked and I was not as mad as the critic in The Telegraph:

But even that, did not make any mention of the ending, (Spoilers Alert) after 4 years of being stranded he came back to find his sweetheart married to another guy with a baby!!

He went to her house at night because he could not add one night to the pile of nights he waited to see her face again.

 For some reason I thought that she was going to leave her husband for him, my mother and grandmother gave the racist remark of "she might as well do it, their marriage is not as sacred as ours" so I had to reply (although I always prefer to keep my hidden agenda, well Hidden!): No no, it is not an "us" and "them" thingy, I would totally leave the man whom I conveniently married and go back to the love of my life" (Silence)

I can't yet finish this entry without bowing in respect for the last scene, he just stood at a crossroad and thought of the possibilities available ahead of him and the movie just ended. It gave me a clear feeling of vanity, that things (most probably) don't go as we want them to, and if we don't learn to enjoy the little moments of cosmic peace, then we will dwell in the pain of losing the great battles, which is in this case, Chuck losing his Kelly.


Rain said...

How do you know she "conveniently" married him? what if she really fell in love with him? Just because her husband supposedly died doesn't mean she can't fall in love again. I thought the exact opposite, I loved the ending and I loved that the cliche of them getting back together didn't happen, because that is simply unrealistic! people move on in 4 years, that's FOUR years!

By the way, my favorite scene (of maybe all movies ever made) is when he makes fire

EvaLuna said...

Aslan I knew nothing about the movie except for the fire scene that you told me about back in the time of Granada´s scholarship.

Of course it was a great plot twist that she did not go back with him, although when she followed him under the rain she actually told him that he is the love of her life, and that on its own is terribly sad. Anyhow I hope no one would ever be in her shoes because it is just toooo ugly and unfortunate.

mata beddi ashoofek enshalla?

Rain said...

ya 7beeby saffat bedna nettafe2 nelta2y 3al blog -_-
wain ayyamek ya toto

EvaLuna said...

I am a hard worker tet5awatheeeeesh ... I have been working for 9 days, double shifting as well :smily aslatan:

Haitham Jafar said...

u haven`t seen it tilllllllllllllll noooooooooooooooooooooooooow!


I didn`t read the critic ,, I`m so biased for this movie :D

Tom`s acting was brilliant. (remind me when it has NOT been so) :)

Bwt the ending, I don`t know, but it makes sense, the mush‎ between realistic & all-time-fav ending was hard!

The crossroads scene was brilliant too, I agree.

Hope all is well (is it ever!) :)
& we need more about the hidden agendas :D