Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finally Meeting The Naser

I must have known Naser for more than ten years, I am positive that it was some time between eighth and ninth grade.

We were both Majoobian, which I consider the biggest Jordanian social network, way before it became a "thing" and wayyy much before Facebook was invented (or was it? But I was too retarded to know how to deal with it?).

So I was in a cafe in Lwebde with Nafnaf, Ali and B-san and from across two tables I heard my name, and there he was, Naser!It turned out that he had a voice hehehe, all of those years I never phonetically imagined him.

I must be thankful to the dear internet (who just turned 25 years old) that turned technical strangers into real good old friends. I was THRILLEDDDDD

Peace and Lwebde (",)


Um Ommar said...

كنتي محجوبه كمان ؟؟؟

ناصر من الشخصيات اللي إلها رونق خاص
وطابع خاااااااااص بالكتابه مابتكرر مرتين

بهنيكي بهاللقاء :)

EvaLuna said...

Yes I was a mahjoobe, kan esmy Irbeditta, o dallet ma7joobe nashee6a la 5 sneen ba3deen et8a3adet :p