Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I Finished It: AGAIN!

I have been going back ,for a while now, to watching old shows and reading old books. Something in me was too lazy -and maybe too old- to connect with new charcaters and new arguments. So a few weeks before going to Cuba - YES dear blog, I did go to the mother of all destinations: CUBA- I started rewatching How I Met Your Mother.

It was on Youtube and it was easy to click on the next episode, and I needed something familiar that would make me think about "matters of the heart'' given that I have abandonded those for a long while now.

By going back to this very blog I found out that the last time I watched the show was in 2014, therefore my memory of the details was so vague and it helped me enjoy it as if it was almost new.

Half an hour ago I finished it again. I really felt abandonded and lonely when the credits appeared on the screen. That is a great show that won't have any new seasons and that I won't be able to rewatch in at least 3 more years so I will miss it.

But the thing is, as I watched it again it held new meanings to me. When I first watched it to the end I was in a relationship that I thought will never end, with a guy that I thought I would never leave. Now, 3 years later I am on my own with a strong inner feeling of "not wanting any of that" and watching how Ted, after many years, a marriage and two kids went back to his twenties flame, Robin, it made me rethink my "Together Forever'' theory. This post is just a pretext to write that one question that I thought a lot about in the past few years: Can we get two good love stories in a lifetime? Can we get what Fermina Daza from Love in The Time of Cholera got? A good marriage and a flame to go back to at the end of her life?

I know how unromantic that sounds. Is does sound like a plan B or a second dish, but what shall I do? At this point of my life I am always weighing the options of being in a solid medium-level love story or being in a turbulent Extreme-level love story. Can we get both? Can we at least get one? Can we?  

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