Monday, January 30, 2017

A Year Of Driving

Today I conclude a year of driving and owning a car.
I have learnt a lot in this year, here are some things:

1- People are confused, they don't know where they are going until they are at the crossroad. Distance yourself from them until they freaking decide or you will pump into them and it will be your fault.
2- People get confused when they see me singing and utterly enjoying myself in traffic jams. Confuse them even more and discover good music all the time.
3- Fear is real and there is no way around it. If you are afraid because this is all new to you then be afraid, there is no shame in it, focus on calming yourself down rather than focusing how others perceive you. It gets better. It DID get better and driving DID become a second nature for me.
4- People in our streets are constantly trying to commit suicide behind the wheel. They drive silly cars that would turn into a bundle of metal in a simple accident, yet they still think that they are in their own Formula1 show. Spot them and avoid them ALWAYS.
5- Taxi drivers are ruined beyond repair. The streets brought out the worst in them. They can't be that mean, selfish, reckless and harmful by coincidence. I must find their clandestine annual meeting that they probably hold under the title of "How to make everyone uncomfortable on the road".
6- Park whenever and wherever you are comfortable. If the parking spot seems too tight you don't have to park there. Arrive a minute late, park a hundred meters far but don't pressure yourself into an unsafe spot. If you scratch your car you will have to pay for it yourself so don't do that to yourself.
7- If anyone says that men in Jordan respect women I will invite them to take a ride with me and they will see for themselves that men get extra cocky when they see a woman driving and they become extra assholes. I managed to put them in their place and forced them to respect me when I made them realise that I have no problem in pumping them if they dare to get in my lane.
8- It is a skill like any other. Practice makes perfect.
9- I just miss being able to read in my commutes.
10- Music is one of the reasons why we take rides. Music is life and it had helped me back in my fearful driving era, and now it helps me to endure the traffic jams and poorly designed city.

That's that. Over and out.  

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