Saturday, February 15, 2014

Erasmus Reminder: Disappointment! !

Today I got this from Hermes Erasmus Scholarship. As if I needed a reminder to finish filling up a scholarship's form!! 

I was told earlier by the scholarship's team that I am not eligible for it, for I stayed more than 12 months in the European Union during the last five years, therefore I may not even apply. 

I was down for a few days after it, but not exactly. I am so homesick and willing to go back to Spain in whatever possible way, but still I fell like I have unfinished business in Amman. 

This time, it feels different. And although I have never been fed up with the city and the people as much as I am fed up now, but I just feel like waiting a little before I get on the next plane and flee everything. 

I don't know why, but maybe I am growing older, and maybe I want to accomplish something here, in work and in my social circle, or maybe simply because my friends have not left the city. 

When I think of next September I just suffocate, they are going in all directions, to the States,  England, Turkey and Australia. If things go as planned for them, then I would be truly mad on each and every scholarship or employer who says that am not eligible for I don't know what reason. 

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