Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeling Like a Child: Turkish

I registered in a Turkish Language course last week, and classes will start this coming Sunday.
When  I paid the fees I was too disappointed when the secretary told me that I will not be handed the books until Sunday.

I have been hearing drum rolls inside my own head ever since I registered and I cant wait until Sunday comes ...  A new Language is a new person, and Turkish is not a only a "New Language" but it is a memory of 40 days of "linguistic vagueness" and a hard and long experience of not being understood.

I remember that evening in Istanbul when my friend Ufuk came from Ankara and we got to see each other in my very last night in the city. We sat there and talked about the language, the countries and ethnicities that formed the Ottoman empire, and the originally Arab words in old Ottoman and in current Turkish.

In that very night I felt my traditional "linguistic greed" kicking in, and ever since I knew that I am doing this! I am learning Turkish :))   

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