Thursday, April 25, 2013

Technological Scares: Google Hangout For Example!

I remember the first time I tried Skype. I guess if I search back in this blog I could find an entry about how excited I was about the mere idea of being able to talk to people who are far far away, see them as well and having all of this for free.

It was huge, exciting and overwhelming. And now as I am writing these lines I am in a "Google" training workshop, to use Google tools for journalists, and they introduced us to Google Hangout.

When I saw the page's layout with my friends faces on it I got a technological scare.
That sudden feeling of coldness and nudity. Really ,,, each time I go a step further in the world of communication I feel that I am naked in front of strangers. Add to that the fact that Skype taught me that talking is overrated!!

Don't get me wrong, I am one of God's most talkative creatures, but still Skype taught me that there is a point where I actually freaking run out of topics!!

It has happened many times so far that I terribly miss someone whom I can simply talk to on Skype (Afifi for example) but it is always a hug burden.

Maybe, it has something to do with my "Blabbing attitude" at home. When I am at home I dont talk, and I cant blame it on my family, who make it really hard to communicate with the outer world when we are together, but it is just me.

Just me, my anti-social beast that is buried under the piles of  "Talkativisim" that I practice. 

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