Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bruno Mars Way: Today I dont Fell Like Doing Anything

As I was shooting all week, and I crossed the entire city various times carrying the JVC camera and the tripod all time, today I was dead.

It was not actual pain in a specific point, but I just felt that the last vertebrae in my column were compressed, AND I was tired, really tired and a bit (well, not a bit) sad. So I did not get up.

I dont have classes on Wednesdays, yet I have never spent a single Wednesday at home. I always have something to do or people to hang out with, and spending a day at home is against my beliefs.
but today I stayed.

I got up finally at 3,30 just to pray, and if it was not for the prayer I would not have got up at all. 

When my Mom saw me I felt like I fell in the trap. First she was mad that I skipped class and we started the ''since for ever'' conversation of ''all mothers sympathize when their children are sick except for mine,....

This is an old draft!! I dont remember what I wanted to say, but this is the part I have ,,, so here it is!

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