Sunday, June 10, 2012

A League of Their Own: We Left the Kitchen

This is a good movie!

At the beginning I thought that it was one more american sport´s movie where the good guys will just ridiculously win at the end. But at it actually tells a very interesting story almost free of all the boring American-Movies-Sterotypes. (Not all good people win at the end, Not every girl who mingles with Tom Hanks ends up loving and marrying him).

It tells the story of a baseball league for women conducted by a business man who wants to keep the game alive until the men come back from war.

The movie displays the struggle that those women had to go through in order to gain the society's acceptance of what they are doing. The sacrifices as they had to receive the news of death of their husbands, how they had to take care of their families and to even raise a child who wandered with the team in their bus across the country.

But there were points that got me thinking. First: women in this league -and afterwards in the real life- continued to be perceived as sex objects. Men in the audience would always have the ability to forget about the game and just watch the skirts as they fly. And this is so sad! It fills my heart with sorrow that women are living in the prison of their own body and let it be whatever the thing that they are doing, men will always keep it as a background to the continuous sexual show that women signify to men!

And when Dottie's husband came back from the war she just resigned. She gave up her dream - or as Paulo Cuelho says ''her personal miracle'' - and she just went home to a mother and a wife fullstop.

The scene when she took the car while all the other players took the team's bus is so terribly sad. I just wish that I will never ever have to make a similar decision. 

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