Friday, June 15, 2012

It has been a year!!

A lot of mixed feelings!!

Today I complete one year in Jordan after coming back from Granada. I miss Granada , I do miss Spain, but it is Granada that hurts!

I moss many things, being on my own and spending most of my times wandering in streets and not having much to do. And in spite of the against-all-odds-amazing year that I had in Jordan but I wish to be back soon.

It is so sad that I hate Granada's university and I dont long to study in it, but the city has nothing to do with that. I wish to be back for at least 10 days, I just want to wander around the streets and the bars again and talk to the old people on buses and pavements.

Those were some amazing days alhamdulillah ,,, in a day like today I just think about life. It goes by so quickly, it blurs my sight but takes my breath away as well.  


rua said...

you can go whenever you want sweety ! I am soon coming to Jordan and I dont know what I will feel when I settle down in Jordan !

EvaLuna said...

Oh my dear Rua, I dont know If I should just answer you here or dedicate an entire entry for the "post-independent life" syndrome heheheh

but mainly I cant go around Jordan as I used to in Spain, because of the geography, the people an OF COURSE ma parents.

And going back to living with people , is sooooo hard!! Maybe one grows to be selfish as you live for a long time alone, but when you are back with your family it gets pretty frustrating.

Anyways , I WILL write an entry about this and I will remember you in my prayers hehehe :)))