Monday, December 26, 2011

The Roads May Start Diverging

Today I went to Irbed to Techno University to attend my uncle Mohammad's graduation seminar. It was one of those days,,, you knowm when everything is so perfect and energetic , I spent the entire day taping and taking pictures of people dancing and singing , but when I got to the bus on my way back to Amman I just felt the huge ''existential emptiness'' that usually comes after ''Big Endings".

Now I look around and I find my very two best friends flipping the pages. Maymoona and I were together and I felt like I have never actually ''realized'' the fact that she is married until today. (I spent the entire day with her) . I witnessed how does she move as a very very pregnant lady who is puffing and thinking about going home, and I saw her take 6 or 7 phone calls from her husband throughout the day and how she took them with a very good spirit.

And Mohammad is now graduating and he might be finding his way away from here ,,,and this makes me think -the very egocentric but valid question- :What about me?

How will life be from now on? We are becoming Grown Ups ... Are we?

Mabrook Uncle ,,, ~sigh~

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