Friday, December 30, 2011

Everyone Says I love You

It has been so long since I last sat to watch anything on a TV screen.
Ohhhh , I dont even know from where to start talking about this great absence of TV in my life, i cant imagine that I have survived all that time TVless ,,,God ,, God ,, God

Anyways , I am here to talk abut something else, which is Woody Allans movie "Everyone says I love You''. I did not get to watch it since the beginning but I loved all the parts that I watched.

The parts where a big family was shown, with half sisters and half brothers and a woman (Goldie Hawn) lived happily with her actual husband and kept a great relationship with her ex-husband (Woody Allan).

I also loved the parts where the narrator of the movie -one of the daughters- fell in love and out of love in no time and thought of each guy as ''the one'' . I adored how gently she picked up her hopes and moved to another story without regrets. But mostly I loved Woody Allans intense search for the perfect woman as he still had feelings to his ex wife.

This is what I love about Woody Allans movies , they are written in the most realistic tune. Sometimes in movies they present an idea to us as ''established''. For example: Y still has feelings for his ex-wife X. And thats not realistic , feelings are not fixed , they come and go and they changed. Those ideas are never fixed nor established. So the movie went on in a very smooth way showing us how everyone -at the end- kept struggling each day with the same questions, no surprising nor astonishing end , just the same questions over and over again being dealt with in a positive way and a true well to live.

Good movie ,,, An hour and a half well wasted

Listen to the song
I am through with love ,,,,
For I must have you or no one
And so I am through with love ,,,,,

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